Find Out Where We Stand On The Issues That Matter Most To You

Melonie’s Top Issues

Restoring a direct 1-seat train ride on NJ Transit to NYC

Melonie understands the importance of an easy commute to New York City for Somerset County’s working families. She will fight to restore the direct 1-seat train ride on the Raritan Valley line to make travelling to Manhattan easier and more efficient.

Better Value For Your Tax Dollars

Melonie knows that Somerset County has a history of prioritizing spas and golf courses that cater to a select few, while funding for establishments like Raritan Valley Community College has remained stagnant. She will reevaluate our county’s business arrangements and research how our county can distribute your taxes better.

Expanding Tourism

Somerset County is home to beautiful historic landmarks and open spaces which go underutilized. Melonie will be an advocate for Somerset County, working to create a brand that will take advantage of these natural and historic features to build tourism opportunities and grow our local economy.

Environmental Responsibility

As a member of the Sierra Club and former member of the Environmental Commission, Melonie is passionate about fighting for renewable energy, protecting our water supplies, and prioritizing responsible development. She will protect Somerset County’s waterways and public lands from poor infrastructure and inefficient use.

Darrin’s Top Issues

Facilitating Prisoner Re-entry

Darrin has seen first hand the damage that is done when people are unable to enter back into society productively. He will work with non-profit, county and state resources to help the formerly incarcerated assimilate back into our communities, ultimately bolstering our economy and making our communities safer.

Fighting Hate Crime

Hate crimes have no home in Somerset County. As Sheriff, Darrin will create a task force aimed at combating and preventing hate crimes in our community. He will work with authorities across all levels of government to make sure all Somerset County residents feel safe.

Opioid Epidemic

As a recognized court expert in narcotics, Darrin understands the danger that drugs and opioids pose to our community. He will employ municipal, county, and state resources to combat the opioid epidemic in Somerset County and keep our communities safe.

Diversity In The Department

Somerset County is lucky to be a home to people from all different walks of life, but the current Sheriff’s department does not reflect this. Darrin will make sure that his Sheriff’s department will reflect Somerset’s diversity in gender, culture, and race, so that officers can personally connect with the people they serve.