Meet Darrin


Hi, I’m Darrin Russo and I’m running to be your next Somerset County Sheriff.

I am a retired Lieutenant from the Franklin Twp. Police Department where I served for over 30 years, supervising 16 Officers and 4 Sergeants.

During my career, I organized the mobilization of large-scale operations while working in major crimes and special operations.

I assisted the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office in several large-scale drug sweeps for distribution and possession as well as assisted the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, State Police.

I also worked with the Joint Terrorism Task Force on multiple robbery, narcotics, murder, gang activity and assault investigations.

From 1996 to 2002, I served on the NJ State PBA Executive Board as Sergeant at Arms Trustee and Vice President.

In 2007, I received the NJ State PBA Silver Valor Award. I am a 2 time recipient of the Somerset county 200 Club Valor award, and 2015 Franklin Advocate Man of the Year.

Why Darrin?

With me as your Somerset County Sheriff, you can count on experienced leadership and a passion to serve the public.

The current leadership in the Sheriff’s Department provides limited direct support to the people of Somerset County and is not an active resource to the families they serve.

Most people in Somerset County don’t know who the Sheriff is. As a street cop in Franklin, I know the value of officers being active and known in the communities they serve.

During my time supervising plain clothes units, and even in patrol, I always made it a point to reach out to the community and be a part of the community, working with community leaders, schools, and business owners to clean up the neighborhoods.

When I was promoted to Lieutenant, I led my team of officers and sergeants to be visible and active in our neighborhoods, getting to know the people.

As Sheriff, I’ll bring the Sheriff’s department out of the office and make county law enforcement approachable and effective.

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