Darrin’s Platform

Community-based Law Enforcement

Darrin understands that a better relationship between the sheriff’s officers and those they protect will help to create quicker response times and reduce the concern of excessive force.

Hate Crime Prevention

With Somerset County being so diverse, we must be ever vigilant about the spread of hate crimes. As Sheriff, Darrin will create a task force aimed at combating and preventing hate crimes in our community. He will work with authorities across all levels of government, houses of worship, and schools to make sure all Somerset County residents feel safe.

Opioid Epidemic Response

As a recognized court expert in narcotics, Darrin understands the danger that opioids pose to our community. Leveraging municipal, county, and state resources to combat the opioid epidemic in Somerset County won’t make up for lost time, but will help treat those who’ve become addicted and prevent the spread of these harmful narcotics.

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