Response To Candidate Parenti’s Debunked Attacks On Decorated Officer Darrin Russo

Since August Bill Parenti has attacked my honor, integrity, and history as a 30-year decorated police officer in Franklin, NJ. Despite his attacks being disproven by the media and the Somerset County Prosecutor’s office, Parenti last week demanded that I “explain to voters why they should trust” me.

Instead of responding to his false attacks for the thousandth time, I’ll leave it to Chief Larry Roberts to respond. Chief Roberts was my commanding officer when I retired with honors in June 2016, and Parenti has promoted Chief Roberts’ endorsement, called Chief Roberts a valued campaign advisor, and even named Chief Roberts as his “assistant undersheriff.” 

This is obviously someone Chief Parenti listens to, so I’ll let Chief Roberts tell Parenti and the voters about my history as a Franklin Police officer.


Township Police Chief Lawrence Roberts said Russo did his job “with class, with dignity and with integrity, and that’s all you could ask for.”

“You were everything we asked for as a street cop, as a detective and as a supervisor, and I want to thank you for your 31 years of service,” Roberts said. …

“Darrin did this job at 150 percent every day,” he said. “He always had the department and the citizens of this town in his best interests.”

“He sets the example and the bar high of what a police officer should be,” Roberts said.

Maybe now that Parenti’s “assistant undersheriff” and campaign advisor has told us what kind of officer I was, perhaps Bill will tell us what he plans to do as Sheriff instead of just falsely attacking my record.