Fire, Police, Troopers, Teachers, Labor ALL Agree: Darrin Russo for Somerset County Sheriff

The People Who Build Our Communities, Protect Them from Disaster, Keep Us Safe and Secure, and Teach Our Children All Support Democrat Russo for Sheriff

In a stunning run of the table, Democratic candidate for Somerset County Sheriff has received the endorsements of a wide array of working men and women who build, protect, and grow our communities. 

“It is gratifying to have the endorsement of the local, county and state law enforcement officers who do the actual work of protecting the community and know the value of having the right person as Sheriff,” said Russo. “But to also have the firefighters, teachers and labor on my side is fantastic. These endorsements mean I have the support needed to not only win the job of Sheriff, but to do the job of Sheriff.”

Russo’s endorsements have come from the: Middlesex-Somerset County Benevolent Association (PBA); the NJ State PBA; State Troopers Fraternal Association of New Jersey; NJ Firefighter’s Mutual Benevolent Association; the Middlesex-Somerset AFL-CIO Central Labor Council; the Somerset County Education Association; and the Somerset County Retired Educators Association.

With two weeks until the election, Republican Bill Parenti has received only one non-partisan endorsement, this from the Somerset County Police Chief’s Association Parenti has been president of 13 of the past 14 years. 

“The fact that Parenti can’t get endorsed by but Republicans and a group he’s run for over a decade speaks volumes about his lack of qualifications,” said Peg Schaffer, Somerset County Democratic Chair. “These endorsements show Darrin’s ability to build relationships and work positively with the community stakeholders necessary to have an effective Sheriff’s office.”

The endorsements for Russo include the North Plainfield PBA, which reports to Republican Bill Parenti as their Chief, and the corrections officers in the Somerset County Jail who report to the Sheriff’s office. The officers were part of the unanimous endorsement of the Middlesex and Somerset Police Benevolent Association. 

“It is truly humbling to have such a large group of the people who rely on the Sheriff’s office as protector and partner support my campaign,” said Russo. “On day one I will be able to call on labor, teachers, firefighters, police, troopers and more to help transform the Somerset County Sheriff’s office into a truly community-based force.”

Middlesex-Somerset County PBA
“Darrin’s top priority is to make the County Sheriff and its officers not only visible to the public, but to be an active, engaged part of their community,” said Joe D. Dudley II, County Chair of the Middlesex-Somerset County PBA. “Under a Russo-led Sheriff’s department, you will see the Sheriffs officers involved in programs throughout the county making a noticeable, lasting impact on the safety and quality of life of the residents.”

New Jersey State PBA
“On behalf of the 33,000 law enforcement officers represented by the NJ State PBA, we are honored to endorse your candidacy for Sheriff of Somerset County,” said Pat Colligan, State President of the New Jersey State PBA. “Your work ethic, natural law enforcement skills, sense of community, and your ability to remain calm under extraordinary circumstances makes you eminently qualified to serve as Sheriff.”

State Troopers Fraternal Association
“The State Troopers Fraternal Association … unequivocally endorses you for the office of Somerset County Sheriff,” said Wayne Blanchard, President, State Troopers Fraternal Association. “The men and women of the State Troopers Fraternal Association look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with you as the next Somerset County Sheriff in facing all the challenges that we as law enforcement officers deal with on a day to day basis.”

New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association
“The New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association is proud to endorse Lt. Darrin Russo for Somerset County Sheriff in the 2019 election,” said the FMBA in a statement. “Throughout his career Darrin has demonstrated a commitment to protecting his community as a police officer, as a volunteer, and as a father. As firefighters we recognize a kindred spirit dedicated to protecting people and property, and fully support Darrin’s campaign for Sheriff.”

Middlesex-Somerset AFL-CIO Central Labor Council
“The Middlesex-Somerset AFL-CIO Labor Council supports Melonie Marano for Freeholder and Darrin Russo for Sheriff,” said Wayne Martiak, President of the Middlesex-Somerset AFL-CIO Central Labor Council. “Melonie and Darrin understand the importance of making Somerset County a place for working people to raise a family and to keep them safe. They will fight for the middle class and all working families whenever it is needed.”

Somerset County Education Association
“The Somerset County Education Association is proud to announce the endorsement of Melonie Marano for Somerset County Freeholder and Darrin Russo for Somerset County Sheriff,” said Dan Epstein, President, Somerset County Education Association.  “As educators, we recognize that the decisions made by elected officials have a profound impact on our students and public education, so it is critically important that educators become involved in the process and support candidates who will be advocates for our students, our schools and our profession.”

Somerset County Retired Educators Association
“We are proud to stand with Darrin Russo for Sheriff and Melonie Marano for Freeholder in Somerset County,” said Carol Shields, Chair of the Somerset County Retired Educators Association. “We will always stand with candidates we believe are best for public education, our members, and our students.”