Darrin Russo Proudly Accepts Middlesex-Somerset County PBA Conference Endorsement for Somerset County Sheriff

PBA, Including North Plainfield Officers, Unanimously Vote To Back Democratic Nominee Russo for his “dedication, honesty and commitment”

Democratic Sheriff candidate Darrin Russo today accepted the unanimous endorsement from police officers and supervisors in Somerset and Middlesex County who are represented by the NJ State PBA. The endorsement includes North Plainfield’s officers who work for Russo’s opponent William Parenti, as well as the Somerset County Corrections officers who report to the Republican Sheriff who endorsed Parenti.

“I’ve been an active member of the law enforcement community and the PBA for three decades. These officers know me and they know my commitment to protecting the community,” said Russo. “I’m proud that these fantastic public servants are in my corner, and know that as their Sheriff we will do great things together for Somerset County.”

The endorsement specifically called out Russo’s commitment to making the Sheriff’s department an active, public force in all 21 towns. The endorsement letter said in part:

“Darrin’s top priority is to make the County Sheriff and its officers not only visible to the public, but to be an active, engaged part of their community. Under a Russo-led Sheriff’s department, you will see the Sheriffs officers involved in programs throughout the county making a noticeable, lasting impact on the safety and quality of life of the residents.”

“It’s particularly gratifying that the officers who report to my opponent and the current Republican Sheriff have given me their support,” said Russo. “They want to see change in how the Sheriff’s department is run, and know that a Parenti department is just more of the same we’ve seen for the past 15 years.”

Parenti opened his campaign for Sheriff in March by announcing falsely to the media that he had been endorsed by the North Plainfield PBA, an assertion that was immediately refuted by his own officers. The president of PBA Local 85, Sabrina Romasz, said in a statement issued the same day, “We never endorsed him” and described the PBA’s position as a “’we wish you well’ voice of support rather than a formal endorsement.” (https://newjerseyglobe.com/local/pba-says-they-didnt-endorse-parenti/)

The PBA endorsement continues, “Throughout his career Darrin had a reputation for being an engaged, active officer who was tough on gangs, drugs and crime. … And in both speaking with officers throughout our conference and in the unanimous backing from this conference, one message is resoundingly clear: Darrin Russo has strong support in our law enforcement community.”